Workshop - SAN — Self Aware Network

Felix Klee / HK

  • 星期六 13 15:45 - 17:45

    Workshop 1

Create a self-aware network with SAN

Take part in SAN, an intriguing experiment about the future of architecture, by building a network that is not only self-aware but which can interact with its environment to create soundscapes. Connect nodes to make an electronic ‘brain’, then use it to form a modular synthesizer controlled by spatial positioning. No prior programming knowledge required!

About Felix Klee
Felix is a programmer with an academic background in architecture and physics. In 2010 he created a bridge from the virtual to the physical world: The Reality Builder lets participants collaboratively direct assembly of a physical structure via the Internet. An installation with more than seventy architecture scale building blocks was operated at Chaos Communication Camp 2015. By experimenting with machines, materials, and electronics, Felix created further construction kits such as the BlockToy series and the Self Aware Network (SAN). At Spektrum Berlin he organizes MetaMatter, “a laboratory of research and practice focused on transformations of matter.”

Workshop Details:
Max number of participants: 10
Time: 15:45 – 17:45
Duration: 2 hrs
Fee: HK$200

Workshops are open only to Sónar Hong Kong 2019 ticket holders. A workshop ticket alone does not grant you access to the Sónar festival.