Realities+D (VR)

Realities+D - Extraordinary Accident

“The day when virtual reality becomes more powerful than reality will be the day of the big accident. Mankind never experienced such an extraordinary accident.”
– Paul Virilio
Extraordinary Accident is a virtual reality experience exploring an artistic rendering of Hong Kong’s urban structure. The piece aims to explore the fractal coexistence of different perceptual scales and realities, focusing on their differences and similarities.
With an explicit intention of exploring the aesthetics of virtual reality, our work attempts to reclaim a space of visual poetics able to transcend the quest for hyperreality.
The experience consists of a sequence of scenes, each one reflecting on Hong Kong from a different scale. The scenes, however, do not attempt a realistic rendering but, instead, aim to capture some intrinsic quality of the urban experience, drawing inspiration from existing iconic places in Hong Kong, as well as from the its idiosyncrasy and identity.

About Tatjana Kudinova
Tatjana is a leading designer. Having worked at a number of leading digital consultancies and advertising agencies. She is an active artist with works presented at festivals and galleries in cities like Vilnius, Montevideo, Valencia, San Francisco, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong.
About Alejandro Rodríguez
Alejandro is an architect specialized in digital design. With a vast experience in virtual reality, software production, and rapid fabrication, Alejandro also has an unparalleled trajectory involving massive live shows involving cutting edge technology, including spatial augmented reality, control, and robotics.
About Tomas Laurenzo
Tomas is an artist and academic working with physical and digital media. With a background in both computer science and art, Tomas’s work spans across different practices, including artificial intelligence (machine learning), new media art, interaction design, tangible media, music, and virtual reality.