MarketLab - WE+AR TRBL


we+ar TRBL is a full ecosystem, consisting of an electronic device (iki), a compatible garment and a mobile app. It connects to a smartphone, allowing people to instantly share what they think, how they feel and what they love on their t-shirts or sweatshirts. we+ar TRBL is the first digital screen fashion line with a flexible screen electronic device. The iki display is lighter and slimmer than traditional e-screens. What makes the screen unique is its flexibility, allowing it to seamlessly fit into a t-shirt. A garment that changes how consumers communicate with the world, we+ar TRBL aims to disrupt and redefine the ‘wearables’ experience.

About we+ar TRBL
In a generation of hashtag activism, the connected, customizable technology allows users to display online expression in real-life. we+ar TRBL empowers changemakers, activists, disruptors and artists with a new way to express their voice and passions.