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In the Pioneer DJ booth, no matter whether you are a professional DJ, music composer, DJ wanabe, or a music lover with no experience of DJ gear; come to experience and try different equipment.  From 3:30pm – 6:00pm, There will be a “Hong Kong First Ever TOUR1 Live Show” featuring a local famous DJ! This is the first ever live show to have the Pioneer DJ TOUR1 set, with the professional XPRS speakers in Hong Kong. Non-stop music for every taste: House, Techno, Hip-Hop, etc. Find your favorite genres here! You are welcome to explore what the DJ is doing in a DJ booth!
Pioneer DJ booth will include CDJ-TOUR1, DJM-TOUR1, PLX-1000, DJM-S9, DDJ-400, TORAIZ SP-16, TORAIZ AS-1, all are with headphones, so visitors can try the product for themselves.  Onsite will be professional DJs to assist and answer your questions.
About Pioneer DJ
For more than 20 years, Pioneer DJ motto has been to 'surprise and inspire' our customers and we've had fantastic support from DJs, artists and clubs around the world to help us achieve this. In recent years, as more people have taken up DJing – either with the intention of eventually becoming professional or just to enjoy mixing with their friends – we've created products and services to help introduce them to the world of music creation. We're committed to continue innovating through our product development and design to satisfy our customers, both professional and amateur, and maintain the reputation of Pioneer DJ equipment as the industry standard.