MarketLab - FUSED footwear

Philippe Holthuizen / HK

FUSED footwear wants to liberate our feet from standardization. Traditional footwear is made around a last, an approximation of a foot shape that works for 80% of people. But with Additive Manufacturing, FUSED can make shoes without a last and without any moulds. Every shoe can be different. Just like your feet.

FUSED footwear is a startup by Philippe Holthuizen and for the past year, he has been working on 3D printed, affordable, personalized shoes. Shoes that can be bought like prescription glasses. In a style you want and fitting, or even correcting, your feet perfectly.

The technology to make this a reality exists today. With the camera in our smartphones, we can create a 3d model of our feet, it just takes 3 photos to do so. The design of the shoes can be parametric, so it will automatically adjust to the 3d model of our feet. We can then 3d print these shoes, with a personalized pair made in a matter of hours.

FUSED footwear is now looking for investors or development partners to take this technology further, and give everyone the shoes their feet need.