Yeti Out presents Silk Road Sounds Experience


  • 星期六 17 23:35 - 01:00

    SonarComplex - Indoors

Yeti Out presents Silk Road Sounds Experience with Delf, Demon Slayer, Young Queenz, Yeti Soundsystem and Derick Van Wijk

Yeti Soundsystem kicks off 2018 with the launch of its record label Silk Road Sounds. As creative tribes from the East and West continue to intertwine both online and offline, Vol.1 explores the meaning of 'journey' through a spectrum of music. From Turkish psychedelic beat, Tokyo grime, UK Funky, to deconstructed electronica from Saigon, the compilation localize the otherwise varied odes of Eurasia.   

Taking the project to Sonar Hong Kong, the AV experience sees Yeti partner up with art director Derick Van Wijk to present a 90-minute experience featuring live performances from SRS contributors: Demon Slayer, Delf and Young Queenz.