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IOIO Creative / HK

Tapping is a wind instrument, which brings spectators to a state of tranquillity through the organically morphing soundscape and sculpture. The idea of Tapping deconstructs the norms towards a traditional instrument and offer spectators ways to experience how a contemporary musical instrument could be. One could imagine each node represents a resonance of a wind instrument as if the wind is playing multiple nodes simultaneously like a wind chimes.

Technically, the instrument is activated by wind so the sound generators are triggered. The data collected by the accelerometer alters various sonic parameters on that particular node. The bending movement of each speaker creates an audio phasing effect, while the unsounded nodes give additional dynamics by hitting one another.

While situated outdoor, it is an artificial landscape that realise a sturdy yet delicate sculpture moves with the omni-directional wind to provide a solitude experience.

About the company

IOIO is a group of artists, engineers and designers that resides in the intersection between virtuality and physicality. We pull elements from their usual habitat and put it in the other side, the unfamiliar habitat, in the hope to find a novel perspective to see things we thought we are familiar with. It is through the disruption of this network of many things that lives in virtual world, physical world or as a bridge between two worlds, we try to create new nodes in the network, new meaning of interaction, new perspective to see. We believe this is a rich and refreshing way to tell old story, an exciting and promising way to create new story.