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Story Telling in VR - Pallet Chat - Sónar+D


  • 星期六 17 17:00 - 17:45

    Pallet Chat - Sónar+D

Immersion in storytelling, emotional capture, and how it can change our application of the hero cycle to storytelling.

DEVIN EHRIG / Shadow Factor/ Co-Founder
Devin was raised in the movie industry; his father was a career production manager and transportation coordinator affiliated with all major film studios in Los Angeles, whose company provided equipment rentals and leasing services to film productions across the US. After obtaining an LLM in Banking and Financial Law from Boston University, Devin moved to the Pearl River Delta, helping MNCs and entrepreneurs build their international business. In-depth knowledge of corporate finance, commercial law, securities, trust, and cross-border compliance issues has made him a valued advisor in strategic and operational concerns spanning several industries in Greater China. Fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, with a professional network spanning the Pacific, Devin is a co-founding director at Shadow Factory.