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Sedition VR Gallery - Synthetic Natures digital art exhibition - MarketLab - Sónar+D

MetaObjects / HK/LDN

Synthetic Natures is a digital art exhibition presented in the Sedition VR Gallery. The gallery was developed by MetaObjects as a prototype for Sedition, the online platform for distributing digital limited editions by contemporary artists for display on screens. The Sedition VR Gallery provides an experience for viewing digital artworks within a virtual environment.

Synthetic Natures explores organic and natural forms within a digital space, including water, forests, organisms, and light. The audiovisual artworks are presented as an immersive VR experience where users can escape into a synthesised natural world. The exhibition has been specially curated for Sonar+D Hong Kong featuring works by artists including Mike Pelletier, Ryoichi Kurokawa, FIELD, Yoshi Sodeoka, NONOTAK, Eric Schockmel and Joëlle.

MetaObjects is a digital studio based in Hong Kong and London. Formed by digital curator and researcher Ashley Lee Wong and technologist Andrew Crowe, the studio facilitates digital production with artists and cultural partners. Working across VR, 3D printing, motion capture, audiovisual production and web development, MetaObjects seeks to encourage the sharing of knowledge of new digital tools and processes. MetaObjects has worked with artists and partners including, Samsung, Lu Yang, The University of Salford Art Collection, Videotage, Para Site Art Centre, amongst others.