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Radio in Asia is on the rise - Pallet Chat - Sónar+D

Seoul Community Radio, HKCR & Fauve /

  • 星期六 17 15:00 - 16:00

    Pallet Chat - Sónar+D

With pirate radio playing a huge role in shaping dance music in western cultures, now a new internet-driven radio revolution in is helping to build strong underground communities in Eastern scenes.

At Sonar three stations who are leading the charge in developing innovative broadcast platforms that support local and international talent will host a Pallet Chat talking about the impact community radio has had on their respective scenes, the opportunities and challenges for underground stations worldwide and whats lies next for those driving this second wave of online radio.

Richard Price, Seoul Community Radio
Gavin Wong / Davy Law, HKCR
Romain FX, Fauve Radio