N1D & Budball

  • 星期六 17 00:20 - 01:20

    SonarLab - Indoors

Macau’s heavyweights of the bass and underground scene


The Macau-based DJ/Producer and co-founder of Ecstatic Bass (樂極生Bass), who was the renowned Dubstep DJ in Hong Kong, Macau & South China area during the golden days of Dubstep Rave in the regions. Started off 2008 as a member of the Heavy HK crew, N1D has been pushing the underground rave culture for years. He has proudly performed as supporting DJ alongside international artists such as Addison Groove, Coki, Goth-Trad, Joe Nice, Kryptic Minds, Loefah, Madam X, Pinch, Tes La Rok, Truth, V.I.V.E.K. etc. Moreover, He was headlined for 3 times in Shanghai's finest underground club - The Shelter, featuring in the monthly Dubstep/Bass event Sub-Cultute . In 2013, N1D started running underground parties as Ecstatic Bass with partner DJ Budball. The crew has brought some quality raves in their hometown Macau. The movement then spread to Hong Kong and South China, representing the Macau sound with hometown collaborative badboys Faye, Noise808 & DJ Raverben. N1D's heavy Dub, Jungle influenced producing and DJing style is the major driving force for dark and hardcore vibe dedicated to the underground ravers.


Having found The Ecstatic Bass crew in Macau with South China’s Dubstep pioneer N1D, with his musical background and contributions to the scene since his early age, this rudebwoy from Macau has been pushing different kind of Bass-driven music and Sound System Culture with his crew from one city to another. BudBall’s sets has gained trust across the scenes by countless shows in Hong Kong, China and different Asian cities with main man in the game including Coki, Loefah, Swindle, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Brother Culture, Flava D, Bok Bok, Doc Scott, Stray etc. Regularly making appearances at festivals and major club nights, being a fixed icon in the bass music community with his sounds and high energy mixing style. His Ecstatic Bass nights with guests like Joe Nice, Goth-Trad, Madam X, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones has constantly brewing the local scene, providing a different club night experience for the youth. His selections switching at ease from Reggae, Dub, UK Bass to Grime, Garage, Dubstep, Juke and Footwork to Jungle. Heavyweight could be the way to describe the sets he delivers, expect dubplates & unreleased materials from Ecstatic Bass Macau producers and his selections of deadly weapons for the dancefloor.

Been sharing the decks with main man in the game like : Dubstep/Grime/Bass Music : Coki, Loefah, Joe Nice, Goth Trad, RSD, Madam X, Flava D, Bok Bok, Juss B, Prism, Slin, Korostyle, Silas & Snare, Air Max '97, Perrera Elsewhere, Julibee & The Large, Miss Yellow, Howie Lee, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones, Kid Fresh, Swindle DnB : Dub Phzix, MC Strategy, Fracture, Chimpo, Stray, Doc Scott, PsychoFreud, Arkaik, Dom & Rolan Reggae/Dub : Brother Culture, Mungo's Hi Fi, Charlie P, Part2Style, Blood Dunza, Far East Lion Link.