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MADE - Meet me at the End of the Assembly Line (Prototype)

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MADE is the prototype of an interactive VR journey. It links consumers through objects they own and love, to stories of factory workers who created them.

About the Journey Whether it is through the device we are looking at or the array of goods we live with, we are endlessly connected to the women who made our products.

During the journey, the user will be invited to glimpse into the world of one of the factory workers who made the products they own. By observing and conversing with the worker, the experience will ask the user to reflect on their own choices and their role in this relationship with the worker.

This is currently an early prototype of the experience, any and all feedback can help us shape the final journey!

About the Team

Szczepan Orlowski & the Animorph Studio | Animorph is an immersive media workers’ co-operative specialising in augmented and virtual reality. They deliver socially involved art applications as well as projects based on scientific research. Recently completed a mixed reality installation at the Southbank Centre. Animorph have collaborated with several companies on Virtual Reality implementation, notably the post production house Halo.

Sharon Yeung | Multi-media Director Sharon creates immersive experiences both in technology with interactive and VR as well as in in traditional forms of content with documentaries and commercials. Her recent documentary, Creativity is has been screened in over 50 community events and featured in large festivals and conferences.

Han Yan Yuen | Director and Producer Han Yan is a documentary filmmaker with over 10 years of experience focusing on social issues and the arts. She was selected "Women of the Year in Media" by UNWomen China & Wangyi.

About Singing Cicadas

Singing Cicadas is a media production collective that challenges the status quo by telling stories through immersive experiences. We set out to amplify alternative voices by creating content for and by those who need to be heard.