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DELTA BLUES AUDIO LIMITED, is a company focused in innovative speaker designs, sales and manufacturing.

The design concept is based on the design of DELTA BLUES RESONATOR GUITAR which is made from the combination of metal and wood. The mission was then to design a high end wooden/metallic speakers utilizing the innate resonance and acoustics in the material. Hence, the basic structure was formed with a solid wood spherical horn and a proportional conical down firing woofer. True to the core a handcrafted product, traditional technique in Metal Spinning and Wood Turning are adopted in the manufacturing process.


Basically, a Minimalist, Vector design: The top discus is an innovative open baffle design (flow directing panel) coupled with a conical spun aluminium woofer. The sound wave from the discus of the ribbon tweeter driver is reverberated with the room acoustics, creating a natural live house effect without the use of any extra electronics such as crossovers. The low frequencies from the horn like down firing woofers are more evenly disbursed at 360 degrees.


Either NX-1 or NX-1 can be used as a single speaker or two or four to enjoy 2 channel Stereophonics or 4 channels Quadrophonic for the serious audiophile. Additionally, the height and L/R direction is adjustable which are designed to suit various listening preferences.


We have advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and active speakers for todays' audiophile, and a dual design dual design for traditional audio cabled inputs. Special custom-made amplifiers are also available.