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Collaborative Nodal Synthesiser Workshop - Workshops - Sónar+D

Leafcutter John / HK

  • 星期六 17 15:15 - 17:45

    Workshop 2 - Sónar+D

Sónar+D workshops require separate registration and payment.

The CD40106B CMOS Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter chip usually has a very dull life. It is often found tidying up the levels in the digital logic circuits. This is a tragic waste of a good chip and we will use this chip for something altogether more exciting. Well be making a massive synthesiser out of a whole load of them....

In the workshop participants will build a synthesiser based on the CD40106B. We’ll look at how to make simple oscillators on breadboard (no soldering required), examine how changing components can change different qualities of the sound. Finally we’ll make the oscillators light controlled and use the light created by each node to control the other nodes near it.

The workshop is run by musician and maker Leafcutter John.