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Build Your Own Sensory Controlled Analog Synth - Workshops - Sónar+D

Mutan Monkey / ES

  • 星期六 17 18:30 - 21:00

    Workshop 2 - Sónar+D

A small and powerful synthesizer with square wave oscillators; fully active to moisture, body resistance and light. The result is a highly chaotic, organic, and noisy instrument! The workshop aims to be a collective work around the sound experience, where each participant will make their own instrument, learn, share, hack and finally experiment with them in a collective way.

Not only will festival goers have the chance to make their own Mutan Noise Sense synth under the guidance of the inventors, but they can take the finished product home, too.


Sónar+D workshops require separate registration and payment.


MUTAN MONKEY INSTRUMENTS is a Barcelona based sonic lab that researches rare instruments made in every corner of the world. Mutan Monkey Instruments is a place to build, learn, share and experiment sound synthesis. All their works is made under two philosophies: DIY (Do it Yourself) and DIT (Do it Together).