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The automat toolkit is a plug & play MIDI-controller and accessories kit that allows anyone to build awesome music machines using the real world as their instrument.

Meet The Automat

The center of each toolkit is the automat controller. Plug in your favorite software or hardware MIDI input directly into the controller. For output, automat controller has 12 universal DC outputs to connect motors, solenoids, LEDs - whatever you want to start playing. No coding or soldering required!

How it Works

The automat is plug & play – offering unlimited possibilities. Simply connect your favorite MIDI hardware device, music App or DAW and trigger the actuators of your choice to create a composition.

About Dada Machines

Dadamachines is the project of Berlin-based Creative Technologist and DJ – Johannes Lohbihler. Johannes grew up in Bavaria, hailing from a line of seven generations of carpenters. Growing up among the Weilheim music scene that included producers and bands such like the Notwist, Lali Puna and Acid Pauli - Johannes was interested in music from early on. He started DJing and found inspiration to bring together the world of electronic music and analog tools - combining his background as a craftsman and love of music.

During his masters studies in product and interaction design, he began building tangible musical instruments which eventually led to dadamachines. Given the complicated nature of most automata and music machines, Johannes began developing the automat toolkit, a simple plug-and-play kit that made music machines available to everyone.