Max Hattler- Sónar+D

School of Creative Media / DE/HK

  • 星期六 01 11:30 - 12:30

    SonarComplex - Indoors

Divisional Articulations in Sound and Image

Since two years, abstract animation artist Max Hattler is based in Hong Kong, where he teaches at City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media. This screening presents a programme of music visualisations created by Hattler and by his students, for a range of international artists including Basement Jaxx, Julien Mier, Lux Prima, Jemapur and The Egg. Five of the films on show were made exclusively for ISAN’s new album Glass Bird Movement. Max Hattler and students will introduce the films, and will be available to answer questions after the screening.

Divisional Articulations (director: Max Hattler, music: Lux Prima, 2017, 4'33")
Glass Bird Movement (director: Luk Ka Man, Cheuk Hinyi, music: ISAN, 2017, 3’38”)
Catch (director: Max Hattler & Noriko Okaku, music: The Egg, 2012, 3'50")
Parley Glove (director: Chan King Lam, Mui Cheuk Lam, Teo Qi Yu, music: ISAN, 2017, 4’19”)
AANAATT (director: Max Hattler, music: Jemapur, 2008, 4’45”)
Lace Murex (director: Crystal Yip, music: ISAN, 2017, 2’30”)
Where's Your Head At (director: Max Hattler, music: Basement Jaxx, 2009, 6'00") 
Slow Rings (director: Susan Sun, music: ISAN, 2017, 2’00”)
Leonardo’s Formula (director: Yu Ka Man, Kwan Tsz Ching, Wong Ka Yiu, music: ISAN, 2017, 3’30”)
Smells Like Home (director: Max Hattler, music: Julien Mier, 2017, 4’00”)

Screening time: 40 min
Introduction: 5 min
Q&A: 15 min
TOTAL = 60 min