Hands-on Arduino Introduction - Sónar+D

Tom Tobback / HK

  • 星期六 01 12:00 - 14:00

    Workshop 2 - Indoors

  • 星期六 01 17:30 - 19:30

    Workshop 2 - Indoors

Hands-on Arduino Introduction: 2-step pentatonic sequencer.



This hands-on workshop will get you started with Arduino, the world's favourite electronic prototyping platform. We build a simple project with sound and light, connecting wires, and at the same time writing code on our laptops to control the sensors. No previous experience needed, we start from scratch. We introduce the Arduino platform, and learn about digital and analog inputs and outputs using an RGB LED, a potentiometer, light sensor, resistors, and a buzzer. We work towards a theremin-style musical project with a 2-step sequence. You take home all the components so you can continue your experiments!

Tom started tinkering with computers and electronics when he was about 12 years old. After getting his engineering degree he worked in the oil and gas industry in South America, moving on to technical consulting positions at the United Nations in Africa and the embassy of Belgium in China. Since he arrived in Hong Kong 4 years ago, he has been involved in open source electronic projects, energy monitoring devices for the internet of things, and the industrial automation platform Industruino. Given the growing interest in the maker movement, Tom enjoys teaching kids and adults how to build cool electronics projects, mostly based on Arduino. He has regular workshops for kids at various locations in Hong Kong, including DimSumLabs, Hong Kong's first makerspace. 

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