Blood Wine or Honey

  • 星期六 01 14:00 - 14:45

    SonarVillage - Outdoors

Blood Wine or Honey have honed their mantric afro-bitten electro-psychedelia in the industrial warehouses of Hong Kong, surrounded by the smell of dried fish, the throb of heavy machinery, and the humidity of the South China Sea.  Their music is ritualistically euphoric and artificially organic — the product of an Ethiopian free jazz excursion colliding with UK grime; Sun Ra jamming with a Laurel and Hardy-sampling Public Enemy.  It’s the lovechild of War and Joey Beltram; Talking Heads entwined with pungent hypno-tropicalia.


Their first 12” will be released in April 2017 via Plastic Pagan, which includes remixes from Factory Floor and Preservation (feat. Mike Ladd)


Shane Aspegren – drums, electronics, synths, fx, vocals

Joseph von Hess – saxophone, winds, objects, percussion, vocals

James Banbury – keyboards, bass, cello, tech, vocals