Talks - The PiP… Past, Present & Future of ‘An Excellent Thing'

Mileece / UK

  • Saturday 13 17:15 - 18:15

    SonarComplex - Indoors

Mileece shares and in depth history of the conceptualisation, development, application and future of her botanical biofeedback system, PiP (people’s interface for plants).

About Mileece
Mileece is a sonic artist, composer, interactive ecology designer and clean-energy ambassador.
Her debut album of algorithmic music ‘Formations’ (2003), heralded by the BBC as an “outstanding release, real musical science”, marked the beginning of her work as a pioneer in ‘organic electronic music’. In 2006, after creating a hardware bio-data processor and coded ‘aesthetic sonification’ system ‘PiP’ at her residency at the LSE, Mileece began touring her interactive immersive micro-ecology installations and performances at museums (MoMA, NYC, NHM, LA), festivals (Decibel Festival, Seattle, BHIF Festival, Bhutan), and venues (Kew Gardens, London, Sonos Studios, LA).
Combing interactive sculptures, original products, materials and instruments, her projects to 'promote ecology through technology and the arts’ have featured on prime time television broadcasts including the NY Times advertising of the year campaign (2013) and VICE Motherboard (2014) reaching over 100 million viewers.
Mileece frequently delivers presentations (PS1, NYC) and workshops (PS1, NYC, LACMA, LA) on ‘biophilic technologies’. She sits on the board of Cygnus Atratus Fuel Cell group and is the Founder of Children of Wild, a collective of practical visionaries working in renewable energy, conservation, technology and art, delivering experiences that reignite and protect our connection to the wilderness and demonstrate accessible, responsible technology to support a culture of eco-citizenry.