Realities+D (VR)

Realities+D - Ghost Island : VR Space Installation

Meuko! Meuko! & Naxs corp. / TW

Enter the immersive VR space created by Taipei experimental electronic music producer Meuko! Meuko! and new media art group NAXS corp. to dive into the mythical world of “鬼島Ghost Island”. As music traverses the antiutopian ruins of Ghost Island and Cyber-Dreamscape, you may find that this is not a fantasy or a fable, but the mythological reality in which we all live.

About Meuko! Meuko!
Meuko! Meuko! is an experimental music producer and performer, who formerly collaborated with Goodbye Nao member. She started performing solo in 2015 and then in 2017 under the monocle Meuko! Meuko! with A/V sets created in collaboration with Taipei Based Visual & Installation group 'Naxs corp.' Each performance contains improvisation and elements of new works, collecting from various different objects, strange sounds and noises. Components of local experimental beats and a wide gamut of electronic music draw from Taiwan’s irregular view / architectures and buildings, muggy, emissions-filled air, and hectic streetscapes, while Mandarin Chinese and Japanese influences marry intricate beats and whispering lyrics. All these tiny elements serve as pondering points on the darkness that underpins the most intense emotions of the city’s aggregations.

About NAXS corp.
Founded in 2010, NAXS corp. is a Taipei based art practice that combines a wide range of disciplines including theatre, VR experience, installation and audio-visual live performance. They focus on the transformation of contemporary senses, body, desire, ritual and the internet aesthetics.