Realities+D (VR)

Realities+D - Camouflage

Andrej Boleslavský, Mária Júdová / SK/CZ

FWD MAX present Camouflage, an immersive and experimental mixed reality game which playfully explores disparity of perception within the real and virtual space. The project, inspired by an ancient game, invites two audience members to be blindfolded by the VR headsets through which they can only see an abstract representation of their surroundings, and simulated bodies in motion. 
The goal of the players inside the virtual reality experience is to identify which of the abstract objects actually belong to a real person and which are a pure simulation. Outside the VR experience, there are four additional participants who have sensors attached to their bodies. Their aim; to stay ‘hidden’ for as long as possible.
Ultimately, Camouflage is a playful interactive installation for the wider public, a multi-user experience looking at how the VR experience can impact our senses and allow us to connect with our instincts. Camouflage questions how we assume the roles of the predator or the prey.
About Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský
 Prague-based Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský are a creative duo of visual artists exploring the creative potential of technology and interested in merging choreographic thinking and digital art creation practice. Their work combines exploration of technologically informed dance practices with participatory performances, body movement, time and space. In 2016 they were digital creative in residence at Rambert where, with Patricia, they created dance and VR installation DUST. Their works have been presented at Cinedans in Amsterdam, Dutch Electronic Festival in Rotter- dam, V&A Museum, Editions of Light Vol.II in Prague, Poolloop festival in Zürich, and at Somerset House.