What is Sónar+D?

Sónar may be known for its music, but the festival also has a growing reputation for promoting the best and brightest innovations in creative technology through its Sónar+D programme. Offering a unique insight into the creative process – from ideation to development to final execution – Sónar+D gives attendees the opportunity to follow, and even participate in, the entire lifecycle of innovative technologies.

At Sónar+D, festivalgoers can attend workshops and masterclasses hosted by leading creative pioneers; be among the first to test prototypes for groundbreaking new creative technologies at MarketLab; immerse themselves in mind-blowing virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and new media arts experiences; and witness one-of-a-kind experimental audio-visual performances that walk the line between madness and genius.

Geared to both creative technology enthusiasts and total novices with a sense of adventure, Sónar+D is accessible, inspirational and way ahead of the curve.


Aimed at both creatives and professional collectives, this programme of hands-on workshops has been organized in conjunction with leading Hong Kong and international institutions and companies to explore and develop a variety of cutting-edge skills and techniques.

Workshops are only opened to SonarPass or Sónar+D ticket holders. A workshop ticket alone does not grant you access to Sónar festival.



Titled 'MarketLab’, Sónar+D’s fresh take on the traditional trade expo format is a platform for research centres, tech companies, creative studios and labs from around the world to showcase new products, projects and prototypes, from apps, tools and devices to interactive installations, musical instruments and much more.



Virtual Reality

Latest innovations in virtual reality through a curated series of interactive installations and high-tech audio-visual performances.


New Media Arts

As part of AV Experiences, new media arts programmes feature a blend of major sound, visual and interactive installations and performances, the artistic portion of Sónar+D highlights the connections between technology, music, creativity, innovation and science.


Audio-visual Performances

As part of AV experiences, audio-visual performances bring live ideas arising from the interaction between creativity, music, technology and innovation.



Designed to be inspiring, thought-provoking and forward-thinking, Sónar+D’s talks programme includes presentations from prominent figures in the world of tech, idea-sharing sessions from key MarketLab participants, artists and industry leaders address the forthcoming issues facing the digital ecosystem.