• Saturday 17 14:00 - 15:00

    SonarDôme - Outdoors

A Northern California transplant, Yao is one of Hong Kong’s most respected DJ’s. Having been DJing and producing for 13+ years, he is known for his hyper-studied approach of music, new and old, and deep crates that touch upon everything from soulful electronic/ bass and hip hop to long forgotten rare Brazillian nuggets and African gems. He takes deep dives into the music he selects as the breadth of his mu- sical influences jumps from continent to continent, not constrained by language or tempo. Whether its a set that calls for a long- slow build or hit -em up sniper style, he has the arsenal and know how to keep the audience engaged.

Known for his taste- making sets and always one to keep his finger on the pulse of what people respond to, he reg- ularly DJs at some of the city’s best venues and has a monthly show on Hong Kong Community Radio, Momentie Radio.

His selections and curation extend beyond the DJ booth, as he also, with close friend DJ Enso, co-manages op- erations and programming at underground venue XXX Gallery.