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SKY YUTAKA will present an exclusive curated Sónar+D Hong Kong gallery featuring the process behind a series of kinetic works through prototypes, photography and video. Sharing the philosophy of ongoing work which bridges the link between different media across several platforms, commissioned works including Rain Flower, Light Flower, Audio | Visual and Borrowed Nature interactive installations will be presented. As part of an ongoing series, the works explore the relationship and landscape and between technology and nature and the potential for design to bring together interdisciplinary collaboration.

Company bio

SKY YUTAKA is a multidisciplinary architecture design studio founded by Sky Lee and Yutaka Yano. Based in Hong Kong, the studio have been realising project-specific designs which form part of a continuing investigation rooted in research through curatorial, landscape, architecture and design practice.

The works of the studio stems from a belief in innovation and craftsmanship and the strength of the practice lies in its ability to maintain curiosity to learn from the context and aspire toward the future. Their works have been exhibited in London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Design Society's inaugural 'Minding the Digital' Exhibition, Shenzhen.