Seoul Community Radio x HKCR x Fauve: Asia Radio Showcase

  • Saturday 17 12:00 - 14:00

    SonarDôme - Outdoors

Sounds from the underground

Radio in Asia is on the rise.

With pirate radio playing a huge role in shaping dance music in western cultures, now a new internet-driven radio revolution in is helping to build strong underground communities in Eastern scenes.

At Sonar three stations who are leading the charge in developing innovative broadcast platforms that support local and international talent will host a joint showcase session.

South Korea’s Seoul Community Radio (SCR), who recently won the prize for Best Station, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa at the 2017 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards will be teaming up with Hong Kong’s very own HKCR (Mixcloud ‘Rising Star’ Award 2017) and creative upstarts Fauve Radio to create a three-way radio showcase on the Sonar Dome Stage.

Representing each station distinct identities will will be the following resident artists:

JNS (Seoul Community Radio)

Long-serving SCR resident JNS is the head honcho at Honey Badger Records, one of Korea’s most prodigious underground stables. In a scene where many labels form and and soon disappear, HBR has been in existence since 2014, starting with JNS’s own “Overly Vivid”. They have released 11 recordings over the next three years, with JNS aka Junsu Kim’s own ‘Rubber, Wood and Steel” EP demonstrating how technically far the influences of bass, breaks, house and techno have developed in a very distinct Korean way over this time. JNS spent a number of years playing and producing in London before returning home and is a firm club fixture in Seoul’s nightlife havens Cakeshop, The Henz Club, Faust and beyond.

Daviouxx (HKCR)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Daviouxx is the Co-founder of HKCR and the owner of a local music label Neoncity Records. As a DJ, Daviouxx joined the future funk super group Sailor Team in 2017 and went on tour around Asia with Macross 82-99 and Night Tempo. Daviouxx is currently working on his debut album, which you can expect to hear some of the to-be-released tracks along with other funky groovy 80s city pop classics mixed in during his set.

ROAM Selectors + Yunus (Fauve Radio)

ROAM Selectors travels freely throughout the world of music searching for groove. Florian and Romain were brought together by a common passion to share music. Florian, is the founder of creative agency FuFu Creative which has broken new ground with its original and hugely successful events such as Shi Fu Miz festival, international artist agency and record label. Romain Fx is also a key innovator in the HK scene, spearheading fresh concepts such as Roofest, the island's first rooftop festival and Fauve Radio which launched last December and will give the local scene an international platform. Together the two have become a leading force in the scene and promised to continue pushing the boundaries to deliver an even richer experience for the people