Hummingbird (Jack Byrne Vs The Zorchmen)

  • Saturday 17 15:00 - 16:00

    SonarDôme - Outdoors

Hummingbird is a Hong Kong based DJ collective, which was launched in March 2014 and has rapidly gained recognition amongst Hong Kong's late night shakers & steppers. Hummingbird consists of an ever-growing roster of DJs, but The Zorchmen and Jack Byrne will be representing the Hummingbird sound at Sonar Hong Kong 2018. The Hummingbird sound consists of the intersection of bass heavy club tracks usually characterized as or drawing influences from Bass House, Garage N Bass, UK Garage, Speed Garage, 2 Step, or 4x4 Bassline.

Hailing from London, Jack Byrne is no stranger when it comes to the UK House music scene in Hong Kong. Having cut his teeth as a youngster at Drop and honing his skills as a resident DJ at the infamous Midnight & Co and Oma. His style has always leaned more to the UK side of the house spectrum with heavy basslines, splashy symbols and the odd 'hands up piano banger' when needed, his entanglement in Hummingbird has been fortunately well received by his peers.

The Zorchmen are longtime Clockenflap stalwart, Ray Dollars (Yumla/Hummingbird/Robot) and regular partner-in-crime, Steve Ellul, early pioneer of the HK drum n’ bass scene (and founder of the legendary Mash Up nights). Friends since the early 80’s, they’ve been into punk, metal, reggae… played in goth and rockabilly bands(drums and the double bass), and since the late 80’s been into, and never lost faith in quality dance music. If it’s house, techno, drum n’ bass or whatever the latest fad name for underground electronic music is, if it’s good, they’ll find it and play it. Together they have joined forces to bring you the power of Zorch… a dirty, thumping soundtrack to kick start your Sonar weekend.