Fotan Laiki


  • Saturday 17 18:40 - 19:30

    SonarLab - Indoors

Hotly tipped, sound of the new generation

Fotan Laiki, a.k.a. Wong Laiki, was 100% born and raised in the shattered parts of Hong Kong and finally sought her peaceful retreat in Fo Tan. Full-time Fiji Wifey, part-time performer, rapper & DJ, Laiki picked up playing CDJ while waiting for her brownies to be baked. She’s never too serious — it doesn't work for her — and she needs her chill to experiment with music, multimedia, and freestyle all the way.

Laiki debuted as a member of girls duo Cooking Bitchess and local party community Hui Lau Gang. In June 2017, she joined forces with Youngqueenz and dropped the breakout music video “FOTAN LAIKI”. Since then Laiki has been touring in Mainland China, appearing at festivals and shows in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Laiki sees each performance as a workout session — burning herself out and sweating out everything she has. This time, accompanying her to throw out new beats and bars is her homeboy and Cooking Bitchess longtime producer Kelvin T.

Sónar 2018 is possibly Fotan Laiki’s last appearance.