Talks - Sónar+D

Eurorack modular synth demonstration - Talks - Sónar+D

Hong Kong Electronic Music Society / HK

  • Saturday 17 14:45 - 15:45

    SonarComplex - Indoors

Brief description of the talk/demo about eurorack modular synth by Timmy Lok (Hong Kong Electronic Music Society):

  • introduction
  • difference between hardwired synth and modular synth
  • types of modular
  • characteristics of eurorack modular system
  • synth sound theory
  • synth sound making workflow (with demo/lpf vs lpg)
  • short music demo

This talk will be conducted in Cantonese with English translation.
Audio demo assistance: Side Tam
Video art presenter: William Cheung

Timmy Lok is an electronic musician in local indie music scene over 30 years. He collaborated with and composed, arranged and remixed for different mainstream and indie artists including Moloko (UK), John Rose (AU) and Jan Lamb (HK). He also supported The Orb (UK) for their Hong Kong concert in 2000 and Hideki Matsutake (YMO/Logic System, JP) for his Taiwan concert in 2016 and Live in Hong Kong 2017. Between 2013 and 2015, he produced a series of radio programmes (玩創電音/EC Music Lecture) for RTHK focusing on electronic music culture, technology and education.

He also organise seminars and workshops for electronic music culture and education and has been invited as a part time tutor for APA(HK) and CCM(MO). In October of 2017, he founded Hong Kong Electronic Music Society (香港電子音樂社) as a formal society for promoting electronic music culture in Hong Kong.