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Das Fremde - New Media Arts - Sónar+D

A project by michael spranger & stéphane noël / DE/CH/HK

Questioning the ways in which we interact with machines in the age of AI, Das Fremde is a mind-blowing immersive installation featuring a ‘tribe’ of artificially intelligent robots that invent their own language and culture in real-time, with intricate scenography courtesy of Hong Kong artist Pauline Yau.

The installation focusses on the construction of cultural identity by creating an experience of encounter with a radically foreign culture—but one that is a human creation in itself. Das Fremde questions our interaction with machines in the age of artificial intelligence and gives robots and humans a chance to share time and space for a moment of reflection and poetry.

Can we have empathy with these beings? How does the robot culture react to the human intruders? Is this artificial culture really different from ours? What is our relationship with machines and—maybe more importantly and often omitted—what is their relationship with us?

Das Fremde reflects the most advanced discussions about artificial intelligence and cultural identity currently raging in society and the scientific community. It contributes to these discussions with an artistic approach that reveals the processes involved in the construction of cultural identity in machines and humans.

Photo credit: Julien Gremaud for Digital Brainstorming