FAQ Section

For important information on the entry process – and on how to make the most of the festival – please take the time to read the following information carefully.


Sónar Hong Kong festival dates and hours?


Saturday, 1 April 2017, 11:00 – Sunday, 2 April 03:00

Sónar Hong Kong festival festival schedule & map?


You can view the schedule here.

You can view the fesitval map here.

Is there a festival app?


Yes, a festival app featuring the schedule, map and other useful information will be available soon.

Zero tolerance to illegal substances and drugs, and underage drinking.


Sónar Hong Kong has a zero tolerance policy to illegal substances and drugs. Anyone suspected or found in possession will be escorted from the grounds and handed over to the Hong Kong police. Officers will also be actively searching for offenders.

What happens if it rains on the day?


Sónar Hong Kong venue includes indoor and outdoor stages, we will go ahead rain, wind or snow. In the event of an extreme weather event, such as typhoon, information about the opening hours of the festival site will be posted to the festival’s Facebook page.

Can I bring children to the fesitval?


Yes and every participant will need to hold a valid festival ticket. Under 18 participants are not allowed to join Sónar+D workshops.

Have fun & Stay Safe


Sónar Hong Kong is all about having fun – but here’s some simple advice to make sure you stay safe.
· Help Out - Make sure to look after your friends. If you see someone who isn’t feeling well, please contact a medic or security staff. They’ll thank you later.
· Keep Hydrated - Drinks lots and lots of water. It’s good for you! There are free filtered water stations on the festival grounds. · Pace Yourself - Alcohol can be fun at festivals, but please pace yourself.
· Take a Break - Whether it’s dancing the night away, or just sitting in the sun, be aware of high temperatures and take the occasional break.
· Stay Grounded - There’s an abundance of space, so please refrain from climbing on things for better views.

Is the fesitval accessible for fans with mobility disables?


Yes, fans with disabilities are welcome at Sónar Hong Kong and the majority of the site is flat and wheelchair friendly. Please note that only those who have mobility disabilities may use mobility devices. Crutches, wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs are allowed for use by people with mobility disabilities.

Sónar Hong Kong is a crowded event. For safety reasons, please ask permission to bring a powered mobility device other than crutches or a wheelchair, particularly if it can move faster than walking speed or is very heavy. Sónar Hong Kong personnel may ask individuals using another type of power-driven mobility device for a credible assurance that the device is required because of a disability. Security will impound inappropriate mobility devices until the end of the event.


How do I purchase a ticket?


You can find information on how to purchase tickets from our ticketing page.

Will there be tickets available on the day?


Tickets will be available for purchase throughout the festival, both online via our ticket page and the on-site box office.

Where is the box office location & opening hours?


The box office will be located next to the festival entrance, see the festival map for the location, and will be open until 01:30.

What should I do if I lose my ticket?


If your festival tickets are electronic tickets issued by Ticketflap and you lose your ticket, you can log into your Ticketflap account and re-download the ticket. In case of disputes, the Sónar Hong Kong’s decision shall be final.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact Ticketflap customer support at [email protected]


Sónar Hong Kong 2017 festival location?


Hong Kong Science Park. See the venue map for more details.

Where is the entrance to Sónar Hong Kong?


The entrance to Sónar Hong Kong is located on Science Park West Avenue inside Science Park. See the festival map for reference.

What are the transit options for Sónar Hong Kong?Are there car parking options?


Sónar Hong Kong is located at Hong Kong Science Park, which is easily accessible by public transport. A frequent complimentary shuttle bus service to and from the festival will also be offered! See the transportation options here

Are there car parking options?


Yes, there are parking facilities avabilable at the venue. You can drive to Hong Kong Science Park via Tolo Highway.


What do I need for entry?


You must bring your ticket and ID. (Failure to bring ID could significantly slow your entry whilst we verify you are over 18 and have a valid ticket.) The name on the ID must match the name on the ticket. One ticket is valid for one entry only.

Do I need a print out of my ticket?


You can either print your ticket or if you have a phone with a big screen transfer the PDF to it.

What is the functionality of wristband on site?


You will be given a wristband in exchange for you ticket when you arrive. Your will need to show your wristband to gain access to each of the stages at the festival. Please do not try and remove your wristband – any damaged wristbands will be invalidated.

How can I replace my wristband?


If you need to replace your wristband for any reason, please visit the Help & Info on-site, however, do not cut the wristband off, only intact wristbands will be replaced.


How can I pay for things at the festival?


A cashless payment system will be operated at the festival. You will be able to collect and top up your money card from the add value locations. Use it to pay for official Sónar food and beverage, merchandise and workshops.

How can I add money to the money card?


You can top up your money card at any of our Add Value stations. Please refer to the festival map to see exact locations of our Add Value stations.

What is the functionality of money card on site?


You need to top up and pay with the money card at official Sónar food and beverage, merchandise and workshops.

Can I use cash or credit cards on-site?


A cashless payment system will be operated at the festival, you can only use cash for money card top up. Our Add Value stations accept cash, credit card and EPS.

How can I check the balance of the money card?


You can check your balance at Add Value stations, official bars and food outlets.

What can I do if I have a remaining balance left on my money card when the festival finishes?


You can apply for a refund online after the event. All refunds are at Sonar Hong Kong’s sole discretion.


Will there be free water available at the festival?


There are free filtered-water stations throughout the site for you to use at your convenience. It is important that you stay hydrated at the festival.

Is there food and beverages available for purchase at the festival?


Yes, the locations for the food areas and bars can be seen on our festival map here.

Will there be phone charging stations at the festival?


No, we suggest you to bring portable chargers incase your phone battery runs out.

Are there public toilets at the festival?


Yes, toilets will be available on site and will be cleaned regularly.

Where is the lost & found?


Found: Please take any found items to Help & Info on-site at the entrance gate.

Lost: If you misplace something please check with Help & Info on-site at the entrance gate, as things will be turned in there.

Will there be ATMs on site?


There are HSBC, Standard Chartered and Jetco ATMs on the site. We also recommend you to bring cash / credit card / EPS with you in case of any malfunction.

Will there be onsite free Wi-Fi?


Yes - Science Park public WIFI service is available at the festival site.

Are there storage spaces at the festival?


No lockers or storage spaces will be provided, so remember to pack light.

Where can first aid assistance be found on the site?


Medical tents will be located throughout the festival grounds, and will be clearly marked and visible from afar. Trained EMTs will be on-hand in these tents to address any and all medical incidents, and please don’t be afraid to stop by a medical tent – even if you just have a question.

Additionally, if you see anyone at the festival who appears to be in need of medical assistance, please inform a member of our medical or security team, or even help him/her find their way to the medical tent(s).

Anyone bringing medication or a syringe for medical purposes will need to show your medication, prescription and a photo ID at the festival entrance.

What is the festival’s approach to recycling?


Sónar Hong Kong takes recycling matters seriously. The site will offer recycling stations with clear signage and dedicated staff at each, helping the festival-goers separate their waste into the correct bins. All separated waste then goes to a recycling facility in Hong Kong where it is cleaned and packaged up accordingly. Every cup and container we hand out is 100% recyclable and is considerate of the available processes for recycling that Hong Kong can offer.

We hope that the festival-goers will support and help all the endeavors to improve the environmental impact of the festival.


What should I bring to the festival?


· Photo ID (e.g. Hong Kong ID card)
· Sunscreen
· Hat
· Sunglasses
· Earplugs
· Comfortable shoes
· Non-professional film and digital cameras (no detachable lenses, no tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs)
· Small backpacks or bags
· Small foldable chair

What do I need to leave at home?


· Fireworks/explosives
· Illegal Substances
· Skateboards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles, except mobility wheelchairs
· Large Umbrellas (personal sized are okay)
· Hard back chairs / Lawn Furniture
· Pets
· Glass containers of any kind
· Food or drink from outside
· Instruments
· Laser pointers
· Professional camera equipment (detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs)
· Audio/video recording equipment
· Drones
· Walkie-talkies (as they can interfere with festival operations)
· No illegal vending is permitted.
· No unauthorized/unlicensed vendors are allowed.

What kind of camera & recording device can I bring with me?


You are welcome to take photos and recording with your phone or a simple point-and-shoot camera for your own persona purposes. Professional cameras are not permitted at the venue space (no detachable lenses, no tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs).

Can I smoke cigarettes at the festival?


Please be reminded that smoking in some areas of the festival site is prohibited. Therefore designated smoking areas will be provided, please look out for the signs.

Is food or drink from outside the festival permitted inside?


No, sorry, but plenty of caterers will be serving delicious food and drinks at the venue - vegetarian choices will be available too.


What can I do if I have a remaining balance left on my money card when the festival finishes?


You can apply online for a refund through the Sónar official website. Applications will be accepted from 4th to 30th April 2017.  All refunds are at the sole discretion of Sónar Hong Kong.

What is the surcharge of refund?


Refund to Hong Kong bank accounts is free of charge; HKD100 handling fee will be deducted if the refunds are made to non-Hong Kong bank accounts.

When will I receive the refund after refunds submission?


Refund payments will be issued by 17th May 2017, subject to all information submitted being correct.