Zac Watz

  • Saturday 01 14:00 - 14:55

    SonarClub - Indoors

Zac Watz has been evolving under the radar for the past 10 years in Hong Kong. Having learned to spin on vinyl in Canada before moving to Asia, he has steadily grown into a style of Ambient and Drone techno, spliced with bits of Acid, Breaks and Electronica. 

Zac's main musical inspiration originates from the eclectic techno sounds of Berlin which are becoming more appreciated by the small, yet passionate scene in Hong Kong. 

Along with other local artists that form a determined community of house and techno enthusiasts, Zac Watz volunteers for an intimate underground festival running a dedicated Funktion-One sound system. 

Watz now feels it’s time to turn the focus to playing out around Asia while preparing for future music productions.