Workshops - Sónar+D

Workshops are only opened to SonarPass or Sónar+D ticket holders. A workshop ticket alone does not grantyou access to Sónar festival.

Aimed at both creatives and professional collectives, this programme of hands-on workshops has been organized in conjunction with leading Hong Kong and international institutions and companies to explore and develop a variety of cutting-edge skills and techniques.

Three fun and accessible workshops will be run during the day (no experience required): Learn to make a modular synth with Dirty Electronics and Polytik; Learn to make a solenoid acoustic tapper with Sound Swarm; and Hands on Arduino Introduction – learn to make a theremin-style instrument.

Workshop (1) Dirty Electronics & Jack Featherstone / Polytik *ALL RESERVED*

Explores the border between play and sound by creating your own customizable Polytik modular synth.

During the workshop, you will be using lacquer, copper traces and tin coatings to produce a palette of sounds step-by-step, hack, modify and adapt through open source hardware which can be controlled by your computer or other music gear.

Sessions: 12.30-15.00, 16:00-18.30 (2.5 hours)

Workshop (2) Sound Swarm *ALL RESERVED*

A guided workshop to construct a micro-controlled solenoid tapping device that could be placed on a variety of acoustic objects and made interesting sound once assembled and is sequenced via your smartphone. It could also be synchronized with other devices to create a Sound Swarm orchestra.

Session: 14.45-16.45 (2 hours)

Workshop (3) Hands-on Arduino Introduction *ALL RESERVED*

This Hands-on Arduino Introduction will get you started with the world's favourite electronic prototyping platform.

During the workshop, you will build a simple Theremin-style musical project with a 2-step sequencer connecting wires, and writing code to control the sensors. Audience could can learn about digital and analog inputs and outputs using an RGB LED, a potentiometer, light sensor, resistors, and a buzzer. Session: 14.45-16.45 (2 hours)

Session: 12.00-14.00, 17:30-19.30 (2 hours)