Taku Hirayama


  • Saturday 01 16:00 - 17:00

    SonarDôme - Outdoors

Let music breathe in concrete jungle. Almost for 20years to dip himself into music, Taku Hirayama is still in middle of sound journey. Stepped into club scene in Fukuoka, Japan sometime late 90's and started his DJ career, currently based in Hong Kong and DJing worldwidely.

Resonates his appreciation for dance music with piles of music collection and environmental surroundings, especially when it happens with his musical platform “Junktion” and small homeground club “oma” where he leads music direction, maintains / updates sound set up. He also holds some residencies in city and plays for countless hours.

His groove is dripped by long mixing of techno, house, chill out, ambient, experimental music as well as taking inspiration from many other good music around his life. Recently into more hypnotic and stripped down minimal groove like let us dance with closing eyes. His dedication and experience, caring details of sound make atmosphere which holds his soundscape, colour or temperature.

His passionate attitude for music made him to bring numbers of selective international DJs and upcoming talents to HK and also himself travels more with music today. From small dancefloor to outdoor festival, he has played over 12cities and his positive energy and soundscape always take him to places he deserves.