Sound Swarm - Sónar+D

Lionello Lunesu, Manolis Perrakis, Michelle Poon (Dim Sum Labs / 點心實驗室

  • Saturday 01 14:45 - 16:45

    Workshop 2 - Indoors

Like a parasite that lives off its host, the Sound Swarm is an abstract drum machine that plays a solenoid off the surface that it fixes upon; the sequencer for your device is accessed via your mobile phone, whereby connecting multiple devices across multiple surfaces will syncopate into what is called, the Sound Swarm. With sounds, we have dialogue with the objects that surround us and elicit rhythms from the spaces we inhabit, therefore this work explores how our interactions with technology are mediating the way we see the world.

The 2-hour workshop allows one to explore, solder and assemble the inner workings of their very own Sound Swarm device. No prior knowledge is necessary, as there will be collaboration and guidance on how to hack, modify and pervert it as you see fit. It ends with a live jam, collectively pooling our devices into a swarm interaction.

What happens when an engineer, an artist and an architect walk into a bar? This misfit group, borne from Dim Sum Labs, create work that is rooted in the concept of interference: to explore the transition and translation between the analogue and the digital, and that layer of static noise between the two. The strangeness of technologies that we seek is the scatter and fuzz that is between the operator and their devices, and in finding such, the language of defamiliarisation.

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