Mind Against


  • Saturday 01 22:30 - 23:55

    SonarClub - Indoors

With their distinctive, melodic form of techno, Mind Against have managed to grow a reputation for their emotionally resonant performances and intricate live productions, while retaining an elusive air that seems to serve only to deepen their appeal. Their partnership has grown from roots of house, techno and IDM, with a nod to psychedelic hooks and a touch of classic dance floor anthems, giving a distinctly European flair to their sound.

A Berlin-based project of Italian brothers Alessandro and Federico Fognini, Mind Against dropped their driving, three-track debut Atlant in September 2013. It didn’t take long for the critical acclaim to flow and for global eyes to fall on the duo, who swiftly followed up with two more releases, Avalon and Strange Days on DJ Tennis’ Life and Death label. The brothers were soon booked out at venues throughout Europe as well as figuring heavily within the workings of the Life and Death label itself, performing regularly at the label’s showcases as well as undertaking artist management.

In mid 2016, Mind Against joined the event concept and label Afterlife, launched by Tales of Us, and have wasted no time in putting out two EPs, with a third – in collaboration with Aether – set for release in mid-February, following an airing on their Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 in September 2016. Riding on a wave of much deserved success, Mind Against have got people talking for all the right reasons.