Keith Lam - New Media Arts - Sónar+D


We increasingly upload our lives; virtual for now – but becoming ever more digitized – to the cloud. This large format installation manifests the notion of the digital cloud in a giant, physically imposing real cloud. It invites the audience to place their belongings on the overhead projectors; the machine captures the color data of each object - uploaded in real time; thus, the cloud responds and replicates the colour.

Keith Lam, New Media Artist, Founder and Artistic Director of New Media Creative Team Dimension Plus, maker space LAB by Dimension Plus, co-founder of common room & co. Award winner of PRIX Ars Electronica 2008 the Honorary Mention of Interactive Arts Category, Japan Media Arts Festival, Award for Young Artist of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2008, selected as “40 under 40′′ of Global Creative Talent by Perspective Magazine. His artworks have been invited to numerous festivals including Ars Electronica Festival, FILE 2009, ISEA, 404 Festival, Split Film Festival, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival and Hong Kong Arts Biennale, etc, around the world at Austria, Brazil, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Argentina and Taipei, etc.